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Salman Ahmed Shaikh. Wt is human welfare in worldly life. We is human welfare in eternal life hereafter. Islam does not permit monasticism and does not encourage celibacy. Things that we enjoy in this world will be replaced by similar things in afterlife, but they will provide much more utility. Even if scarcity in material resources is a problem to cope up with, one way is to selfishly choose consumption bundles to the extent of seeking exclusivity and satisfying self-esteem with Veblen goods.

The other way is to cope up with scarcity in a shared and socially responsible way.

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Essentially, what leads to growth is investment. Savings are only the source of investment funds. It implies that market mechanism is admissible and government intervention besides regulation and policy making is not needed in active entrepreneurship or business management Tahir, Zakat on wealth limits concentration of wealth and encourages circulation of wealth either through Infaaq or through entrepreneurial activities in both consumption and capital goods.

Is Underdevelopment Solely Driven Internally? Even concessional financing, a form of debt relief also failed to reduce net present value of debt. Currently, Pakistan pays around Rs 1, billion in debt servicing which is far below its development spending.

Islam and Christianity stand for peace, harmony and human development, says Imam

Related Papers. Some 10M children still have no schooling at all. One of the gravest results of their poor education is that the Arabs, who once led the world in science, are dropping ever further behind in scientific research and in information technology.

Investment in research and development is less than one-seventh of the world average. Only 0. The Report affirmed that knowledge can help the region to expand the scope of human freedoms, enhance the capacity to guarantee those freedoms through good governance, and achieve the higher human goals of justice and dignity.

It also underlined the importance of knowledge to Arab countries as a powerful driver of economic growth through higher productivity. Based on its analysis, the Report put forward a strategic vision for creating knowledge societies in the Arab world built on five pillars:.

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AHDR makes it clear that, in the Arab civilization, the pursuit of knowledge is supported by religion, culture, history and the human will. Obstructions to this quest include the defective structures created by human beings — social, economic, and, above all, political.

The Report argued that Arabs must remove or reform these structures in order to take the place they deserve in the rapidly growing world of knowledge. Caught between oppression at home and violation from abroad, Arabs are increasingly excluded from determining their own future. From that basis, the report sought to analyze the status and prospects for freedom in the Arab countries. The Report presented freedom as incorporating not only civil and political freedoms, but also the liberation from all factors that are inconsistent with human dignity.

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To be sustained and guaranteed, freedom requires a system of good governance that rests upon effective popular representation and is accountable to the people, and that upholds the rule of law and ensures that an independent judiciary applies the law impartially. The Report argued that those conditions are not present in the Arab countries. The enormous gap that separates today's reality and what many in the region hope for, the Report argued, is a source of widespread frustration and despair among Arabs about their countries' prospects for a peaceful transition to societies enjoying freedom and good governance.

Based on that analysis, the Report argued that the Arab region is at a decisive point that does not allow for compromise or complacency. If the Arab peoples are to have true societies of freedom and good governance, the report argued, they will need to be innovative. The Report's messages were discussed broadly throughout the region, and amplified by the news media.

Aljazeera, for example, reviewed the Report as follows:. The starting point for this Report was the observation that Arab countries have undoubtedly attained significant achievements in the advancement of women, and Arab women have made outstanding achievements in diverse fields of human activity, but much more remains to be accomplished in enabling the equitable acquisition and utilization of human capabilities and human rights by women.

The Report argued for the full ratification and implementation of all the provisions of the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women CEDAW , as well as a wide-ranging movement in Arab civil society that engages both women and men in the struggle to steadily expand the frontier of women's opportunities — for the benefit not only of women but for Arab society as a whole.

Islam and Christianity stand for peace, harmony and human development, says Imam

In particular, the Report calls for the adoption of time-bound affirmative action, tailored to the specificities of each Arab society, in order to expand the participation of women in all fields of human activity. The Report argued that such measures were imperative to dismantle the structures of centuries of discrimination.

The Best Muslim Countries For Women’s Rights

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