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He shook it carefully, since everything about her seemed fragile. He sat after she did. Jacquard cleared her throat, her tone hesitant. She nodded, her movements bird-like, small and delicate. That caused Jacob to start. Curing her would be like finding the Holy Grail. When Mrs. Jacquard called, he found himself tempted by the challenge. Now, he had to see if he had what it took, to find the solution to a puzzle that had all his peers stumped. He all but rubbed his hands together, eager to get started. There was too much work to be done.

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Her eyes narrowed, and he wrestled with a surge of impatience. White… what, exactly, do you know about my daughter? He shrugged. She stared at him, as if gauging the honesty of his reaction.

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After long moments, she relaxed against the back of her divan. I will go over the case files, but I am willing to bet that the reason your daughter is still under is because something was missed… something simple but vital. He followed her down yet another corridor. The whole house seemed to have a strange silence to it, thick enough to touch. It was claustrophobic.

He ignored the sensation, focusing instead on his excitement. This was the case that would be the signature for his whole career, he thought, his heart accelerating slightly. He stepped in and was momentarily jarred.

There were posters on the walls, teen idols from a decade ago. There was a desk, a television, a twin bed, as well as a dresser with small figurines on it. For a second, he anticipated seeing a child lying before him. He shot a quick look at her mother. She obviously was used to a similar reaction.


This is my Rory. He turned back, staring at the woman lying in the bed. Long, golden blonde hair flowed in waves across the pillowcase. Her lips were a dusky raspberry, pouting and full. Her long eyelashes rested on her cheeks like fringe.

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He was expecting to see what he always saw, in a case like this: the emaciated body of a young woman turned spindling and wan by the ravages of six years of coma. Far from it, despite the IV hooked into her arm. From what he could see, she had a good shape, trim but womanly beneath her thin blanket. Her breasts rose and fell gently, her breathing unlabored. She looked like she was merely sleeping. Jacquard answered sharply.

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This is why I called you. His eyes were drawn back inexorably to the woman lying there, so beautiful, so perfect. So trapped. His whole body ached for a brief, confusing moment.

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