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Social and Economic Networks: Models and Analysis

You contribute to the scientific activities organized by the research group in Antwerp and KULeuven. Profile and requirements You hold or you expect to hold by the time of appointment a doctorate degree PhD in Economics or related fields. You did not have been resident or have carried out a main activity work or studies in Belgium, for more than a total of 24 months in the last three years.

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You are quality-oriented, conscientious, creative and cooperative. On the border of network science and market theory, several models have emerged explaining different aspects of markets.

The position of a given agent in the network, for example, can endow her with power over the auctions and deals she make with her partners. As part of exchange theory, bilateral trading models consider sellers and buyers and use game theory models of the bargaining in networks in order to predict the behaviour of agents depending on the type of network.

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[] Correlations and dynamics of consumption patterns in social-economic networks

Another case is when the agents agree on the transaction through an auction and their decision making during the auction depends on the link structure. Kranton and Minehart [4] came to the conclusion that if we consider markets as networks it can enable sellers to pool uncertainty in demand.

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As building links is costly, due to the trade-off not everybody need to be linked to everybody in the network. Sparsity in the network will prove to be efficient. The first networks in economics were discovered prior to the development of network science. Although modern trade systems differ fundamentally, such systems based on reciprocity can still survive and reciprocity-based or personalised exchange deals persists even when a market would be more efficient.

According to Kranton, [5] informal exchange can exist in networks if transactions are more reciprocal than market-based. In this case, market exchange is hard to find and associated with high search costs, therefore yields low utility. Personalised exchange agreements ensure the possibility of long term agreements. Recent studies have tried to examine the deeper connection between socioeconomic factors and phenomena and the scale free property.

They found that business networks have scale-free property, and that the merger among companies decreases the average separation between firms and increase cliquishness. These results were found to be useful in order to understand how to overcome a possible contagion of similar disturbances in payment networks. World trade is generally highlighted as a typical example for huge networks.

Social and Economic Networks: Theory, Econometrics and Policy Implications

The interconnectedness of the countries can both have positive and negative externalities. It has been shown that the world trade web exhibits scale free properties, where the main hub is the United States. The importance of regional economic and political cooperation also appears in this analysis.

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  • Social and Economic Networks: Models and Analysis by Stanford on Machine Learning Curriculum.

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